1. The photo must be clear and from the front.
  2. The photo background must be white.
  3. The factory sign must be on the lower left corner of the image.
  4. The description must be in English and must contain the following sections separated by full stop:
    Brand: (Bottling brand)
    Producer: (Producer/Brewer)
    Description: (Description of the crown: colours, images and texts). All the texts shown on the crown, if they’re in uppercase must be in uppercase, if they’re in lowercase must be in lowercase.
    Factory sign: (The sign of the cap manufacturer)

    Example: 25568
    Brand: Peroni 1846
    Producer: Birra Peroni S.p.A.
    Description: Maroon crown cap, golden logo and circles. Golden text: PERONI ROSSA PURO MALTO 1846 GRAN RISERVA.
    Factory sign: dap (Pelliconi SpA)

  5. If there’s something on the inside, this must be the big image, and the front must be smaller, being 1⁄4 of the image on the lower right corner of the photo. Example: 14054
  6. If you don’t know any of the necessary data indicated before, you can ask for help from other users or from the Administrator through the forum.
  7. In case of doubt, the Administrator will have the final say.